1. World War I, Nationalism, and the Rise of the Nazi Party” (with Alexander De Juan, Felix Haass, Carlo Koos, and Sascha Riaz). American Political Science Review. Online First.
  2. Electoral Discrimination, Party Rationale, and the Underrepresentation of Immigrant-Origin Politicians” (with Daniel Auer and Lea Portmann). American Journal of Political Science. Online First.
  3. What do we measure when we measure affective polarization across countries?” (with Jim Adams, Noam Gidron, Will Horne). Public Opinion Quarterly. Online First.

Working Papers

  1. “The European Ideological Space in Voters’ Own Words” (with Noam Gidron).
  2. “Exposure to Political Violence Does Not Reduce Political Involvement Among Women.” (with Jey Alizade, Fabio Ellger and Marius Grünewald)

Work in Progress

  1. “Where do the grassroots grow?.”